One thing that improves any type of learning

What is the one single thing you need for effective learning of any type – live or virtual classroom, online training, video? Good stories, of course. The longer I have worked in the eLearning industry the more I have come to recognize the power of good stories. I have used stories everywhere: in scenarios and interactive … [Go on, read more…]

Go animate! Why? Because it’s easy

I bought GoAnimate inspired by two webinars: The first one was a wonderfully laid-back, hands-on presentation given by Melissa DeJesus from Lavastorm who gave a few great tips for using GoAnimate in a software training. Another spark of inspiration for my purchase was a demo given at the Learning Solutions Demofest by Rance Greene who has received multiple … [Go on, read more…]

18 language versions done, here’s what I learned

I am a linguist by training and at heart – I’ve even taught general linguistics at the university for one semester. This is why managing projects where digital learning materials are translated into different languages gives me immense pleasure! I’ve worked with language versions for the past five years, but last autumn I had the … [Go on, read more…]

Confessions of a non-gamer or 3 things I learned in Gamification course

I started a course on Gamification offered by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania at in mid-November and managed to complete it around Christmas. Gamification is, in short, using game elements and game design techniques in non-game contexts – non-game contexts being anything from business to learning, social impact and personal development. I … [Go on, read more…]

Unblock your “training brain” with ideas from marketing #book Friday

I’ve been starting a few new projects while still wrapping up some old ones so I felt the need to clear my head. The booster for getting fresh ideas on the table came from my own bookshelf, and more specifically the marketing section. Made to stick by Chip and Dan Heath is a classic I keep coming … [Go on, read more…] Project Initiation and Planning #eLearning

Back to being a student again! Having worked as a project manager in dozens of training projects – and even writing training materials on project management – I dare to say I have never studied project management. Until a few months back when I enrolled in ”Planning and Initiating Projects” which was offered by the … [Go on, read more…]