Creative confidence in eLearning projects

Last week I gave a workshop to one of our client companies on how to create engaging content to eLearning modules. “To catch people’s attention and to ‘stick’ in people’s minds”, I said to the participants, “eLearning content should be simple, a little unexpected, concrete, credible, it should touch emotions and utilize stories. “ I continued: … [Go on, read more…]

One thing that improves any type of learning

What is the one single thing you need for effective learning of any type – live or virtual classroom, online training, video? Good stories, of course. The longer I have worked in the eLearning industry the more I have come to recognize the power of good stories. I have used stories everywhere: in scenarios and interactive … [Go on, read more…]

18 language versions done, here’s what I learned

I am a linguist by training and at heart – I’ve even taught general linguistics at the university for one semester. This is why managing projects where digital learning materials are translated into different languages gives me immense pleasure! I’ve worked with language versions for the past five years, but last autumn I had the … [Go on, read more…]