Unblock your “training brain” with ideas from marketing #book Friday

I’ve been starting a few new projects while still wrapping up some old ones so I felt the need to clear my head. The booster for getting fresh ideas on the table came from my own bookshelf, and more specifically the marketing section. Made to stick by Chip and Dan Heath is a classic I keep coming … [Go on, read more…]

Coursera.org: Project Initiation and Planning #eLearning

Back to being a student again! Having worked as a project manager in dozens of training projects – and even writing training materials on project management – I dare to say I have never studied project management. Until a few months back when I enrolled in ”Planning and Initiating Projects” which was offered by the … [Go on, read more…]

Women’s Bank virtual training #eLearning

Women’s Bank (Naisten Pankki) is a Finnish organisation that collects donations to improve the future of women in developing countries. A lion’s share of the donations is given as small loans and other help in entrepreneurial activities. This organisation, along several other development aid organisations, has suffered severe cuts in state subsidies this autumn, but … [Go on, read more…]