Eeva Koutaniemi

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Hi! I’m Eeva. This blog is a collection of articles I wrote when I worked as a producer, project manager and writer for digital learning experiences. I worked with more than 20 out of the 100 largest corporations in Finland, as well as with several organisations in the public sector.

I have since moved on to work in digital marketing where I focus on designing digital content. 

I believe that a successful content – whether used for marketing or learning purposes – is engagement-driven, authentic and meaningful to users.

I hold an MA in digital communication and publishing. I am also a qualified teacher and have an MA from English philology. 


Education and studies

Master of Arts, with Distinction, University College London 

Master of Arts, University of Tampere

Teacher’s Pedagogical studies, University of Tampere

Gamification, fall 2015 (by University of Pennsylviania through Self-studies in marketing and virtual training. Initiating and Planning Projects, fall 2015 (by University of California through Self-studies in marketing and virtual training.



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