Information is Beautiful #book Friday


A typical situation in planning eLearning: So much that needs to be said, so little space. Why not create an infograph?

Whereas inventing the graphics may seem as the obvious laborious stage, picking the key facts is also often quite a challenging task. Indeed, infographs are not all about graphics – you do need to spend time on deciding on the most suitable viepoint: Which facts to choose and how to best express them?

When the facts have been decided, we can dig deep into the visuals. This is where David McCandless’ Information is beautiful helps. Not only is it an astonishingly beautiful book, but it is a fabulous resource for anyone who needs ideas for creating infographs. I was especially delighted to find an abundance of extremely simple, yet powerful graphics, such as different sized dots on an xy axis, and plain text with different coloured fonts and font sizes.

All in all, Information is beautiful is great when you need new ideas for crystallizing your key information on one screen – or when you just want to have something extremely beautiful on your coffee table.


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